Ellen TROY married William TERRY (1801 - 1877)

Parents of Walter TERRY (1822 - 1899) Ardo, near Ardmore, m. Mary KIELY (18?? - 1907).

Parents of John TERRY (originally Ardo, near Ardmore, Co.Waterford) m. Bridget FLEMING moved to Ballycullane Hse. Aglish.

Parents of Mary TERRY (1907 - 199?)m. Maurice Colbert(Ardmore)(1904/05 -198?)
and Walter TERRY (Died 1992) m Ellen (Lil) BARRY (Died 1993)(n.c.)
and Anna TERRY (n.m.)
and Michael (Mick) TERRY (n.m.) born 1909 approx. died Nov. 1997.

Bridget TERRY (nee FLEMING) and her Son Walter TERRY of (Ballycullane Hse. Aglish) later bought The Friary Hse. Aglish. Walter TERRY sold Friary House to ? Peter Murray who in 1992 sold it to J. linn-Morton(Australia) originally from Northern Ireland. See pics. of Friary House on on web-site.


Possible parents were William GOULD and Margaret (Peg) McGUIRE

Parents of HANNAH GOULD m ED. FLEMING (Ballycullane Hse. Aglish.

Parents of BRIDGET FLEMING m JOHN TERRY (Ardmore) (died from appendicitis), Lived in Ballycullane Hse. Aglish.

Parents of Mary TERRY (1907 - 199?)m. Maurice Colbert(Ardmore)(1904/05 -198?)