John Joseph Troy ( Son of Michael Troy & brother of James Troy)

John Joseph Troy came to America arriving in the port of Boston on July 13th 1908 aboard the S.S. Cyrmic. John boarded the Cyrmic in Queenstown, Ireland on July 5th and made his way across the Atlantic to joing his brother and sisters. Based on the ships manifest his father Michael was living in the town of Aglish at that time, while John listed his last residence as Cappoquin. Upon arrival he made his way to 73 Highland St. West Newton to stay with his Sister, Margaret.
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Not too long after John settled in Natick where he married Bridget Walsh of Newfoundland, Canada. Story has it that they met through John’s sister, Margaret. Bridget was the downstairs maid for a house somewhere west of Boston. They had their first daughter Margaret on 18 November 1912 while residing in Natick, MA. and two-2 years later, on 17 December 1914 Dorothy was born. Unfortunately, Bridget died in 1915 from Tuberculosis. No immigration records could be found on Bridget, therefore it was lead to believe that she came to the US not to stay but just to visit.
As was customary in those days, Bridget’s sister Laura helped John raise the two children. She originally emigrated from Newfoundland crossing over the Maine border. In 1917, they married and moved to Everett, MA. They finally came to reside at 4 Green St, Everett. John and Laura had five-5 more children there.
John Joseph worked most of his life for the Boston & Albany railroad as a Signal Man. He was a devoted Catholic father and would kneel next to his bed each night to say the rosary, many times with his children alongside him.
Later in life Edward, John and James’ youngest brother, came to live at 4 Green St. Uncle Ned as everyone called him, came to America receiving his citizenship on 30September 1918. He married Ellen M. Kinsella and lived most of his life at 10 Washington Street, Newton Lower Falls, MA. He worked and retired from the Town of Wellesley as a landscaper. His wife Ellen died in 1943 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Waltham, MA. Uncle Ned died on 22 February 1975 and is buried alongside her. They never had children.

John Joseph’s entire family all settled in Everett, except for Evelyn moving to Pembroke for most of her married life. She later returned to Everett with her family to live be with her brothers and sisters.
Family Chronology:
John Joseph Troy b 25March1881 d 03Sept1962
Bridget (Beatrice) Walsh b 12March1889 d 1916
Children: First Marriage (2- children)
Margaret Helen b18Nov1912 d25Feb2003 (Born Natick, MA)
(Married Arthur Strachan – 2 children)
Dorothy , b 17 Dec 1914 d 16 March 1986 (Born Natick, MA)
(Married Fred Garofalo – 5 children)

John Joseph (Remarried)
Laura Veronica Walsh b 8 Feb 1893, d 06 June 1966
Children: (5- Children)

John Francis b 18feb 1918 – residing in Everett, MA
(Married Anna Connolly – 6 children)

Evelyn Veronica, b27Oct1921 d15Oct1988 – Everett, MA
(Married Matt Hall – 2 children)

Rita Frances, b28Dec1925 – residing in Everett, MA
(Married Donald Nicholls – 3 children)

Edward Vincent, b25April1929 – residing in Everett, MA
(Married Anna Saladino – 5 children)

Anne Marie, b01March1936 – residing in Everett, MA
(Married George Mulry – 7 children)

Many cousins live within the US and Canada, from California to Pennsylvania to Nova Scotia. Most reside in the New England Area. The house at 4 Green St. still remains in the family to this day.